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Customer Feedback Comments

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This is to say thank you for trying to salvage the data on our old computer. We appreciate your
support and patience. (This customer included a $50 check in a card sent by U.S. mail).

The Happy Clickers from Stoughton

My name is Sandy (last name removed at customers request) and web velocity express computers serviced my home computers. After many frustrating hours, and using two other repair shops, we found wve by doing an internet search, and called to schedule an appointment. We have a home network with 1 wireless laptop and two desktop computers. All three computers were running terrible and two other companies we hired were not able to fix them properly. The technicians at wve are super!!! They are attentive, hard working, friendly, and most importantly they know their stuff. It did take some time, but our home network is running better than ever and I can't thank this company enough. Oh and they gave us a break on the rate for being a first time customer. Our whole family is very grateful for your help, and we will continue to use your services as needed. We've also recommended you to friends and relatives because we know from experience that it is not easy to find fully skilled PC repair technicians. Thank you very much for your help.

Sandy - Concord, MA


Our family would like to thank you for helping us straighten out our computer. In the past we have had other technician's service our computer who were able to fix problems, but left us with many questions unanswered as to what actually happened to our computers. WVE technicians take the time to explain what went wrong, and how to keep our computers from getting messed up in the future. We couldn't be happier with the service they provide, so again thank you for a job well done!

Craig P. Weymouth, MA

Many thanks to Webvelocity for a very fine, built to order computer, that is so much faster than the old clunker I had before. Everything now moves along so much more quickly and efficiently, it makes my work a pleasure . I have not had much experience with computers, and that can be frustrating for consultants. But the WVE staff has been very patient and wonderfully supportive in helping me with installation. They've been very responsive when I have contacted them, and they are very resourceful in solving problems.
Thanks again!!!

L.D. Wells, Middleboro, MA

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work on my system. I'm very grateful for your determination and your professionalism. I'm enclosing a check for an additional $100.00. I hope this is enough and that you're comfortable with this. I also wanted to let you know that I completed the disk defragmenting and also the windows updates per your instructions! Thanks again for your help, I will call you again with any future help that I may need.

Christine Provost - We received Christine's letter and generous check via U.S. mail

Web Velocity Express has the best employees and work ethics I've ever seen. When I had a problem with my computer, I called them and they came that day to fix my computer. I noticed these employees work very hard and concentrate a lot on their work but are also very kind to their customers. I even had another problem with my computer a month or two later and I called them and they helped me through the whole thing over the phone, step by step. I have only good remarks to say about this business. You can't go wrong using them for in-home computer repair.
Quincy, MA USA -

I can't recommend the Web Velocity Express crew HIGHLY enough. They're true craftsmen, with the important knowledge of up-to-the-minute technology. They built me a new computer system directed specifically to my needs, have always been available to address my questions or concerns, and even checked back with me periodically to make sure that my needs were met and that everything was working well. It's a great relief, as a small business owner, to have a support team like this behind you - they're great!
Christine Mullen - Proscripts - Randolph, MA
Randolph, MA USA -

web velocity has been GREAT to me!!! They built and delivered my new computer last year. It's very fast and the price was more than reasonable. haven't had a single problem with the system and the service they provide is A plus. they really stand behind all their stuff and they use top quality brand hardware in their custom built pc's. I reccomend them to all my friends and business associates.
jerry brogna - Jericho Cleaning Co.
northboro, ma USA -

Hi I want to thank you for the quick diagnosis and replacement of our hard drive. We wouldn't have known what to do without your help. The new hard drive you put in has been working wonderfully. Your in home repair service is invaluable. I gave some of my co workers your business cards. thanks again.
Jean Marshall
Brockton, MA

They built us two brand new computers and installed a wireless network so my wife could use the internet anywhere in our house on her laptop with no wires. That's one really cool feature. They had our computers built and delivered in 7 days. They set everythhing up too which was a plus because neither my wife nor I are good in that area. The whole package was a good deal and the service was A+. Got all this stuff 8 months ago and haven't had any problems at all with the computers. Can't say enough good things about this company and the way they operate. After several bad experiences with Gateway and HP in the past, we recommend web velocity would definitely use them again if we needed to.
Weymouth, Mass. USA -

Our entire family would like to thank you for installing our home network. The technician was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, and best of al l the cost was reasonable. We have a 3 computer household with cable internet and now my wife, son, and I can all use the high speed connection at the same time. Technology is wonderful, and Web Velocity is the best. Thank you very much.
Tom S.

Bolton, MA USA -

It has been a pleasure working with you and your company over the past four years. Running our business from your custom built PC's has given us confidence that our daily bussiness will run smoothly. It's a great sense of security knowin g that you are there to support us and always available to answer any questions that arise. I can't thank you enough.
Diane Baldwin / ATL Construction Inc.
Randolph/Bridgewater, MA

I just wanted to thank you, again, for your help with our computer problems. I really appreciated your honesty.
Thanks, also, for your suggestion for the free virus protection program. I love that it automatically updates everytime the computer is turned on. If I should have any problems, I'll be sure to call you, and will tell anyone who needs your type of services how great your company is!

Thanks again!
Louise Fabrizio, Holbrook,MA

I’d like to thank you for trying so hard to help me with my wireless router, and spending so much time. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for computer service.

Brian Woodard, Quincy, MA

There is no other computer in home support thats better than Web Velocity Express. These folks
take the time to do the job right. Our home computer was infected with over 100 viruses but thanks to you
it's clean and running as fast as when we first bought it. We can't thank you enough for coming out
to the house and saving us from spending the money on a new computer! The whole family is so
happy now!!!!! I would recommend your expert services to anyone in need. Thanks!

Bill - Canton, MA


We had been experiencing a lot of problems with our two year old computer which is mostly used by our teenage children for school work, web surfing, email, messaging, and downloading music. WVE was able to clean it up and get it running as fast as it did when it was new. Aside from that, they are very pleasant to deal with and showed me a few simple things I can do to keep the computer running fast. Before you go and spend money on a new PC give these guys a call. They can fix the worst messes right in your home for a reasonable cost, our computer was proof of that. I can't thank you folks enough!

Dave and family stoughton mass

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